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Have a 1997 CR V and the rear hatch door won"t latch. Ns close it and also it doesn"t lock. The only means I can gain it to close is to usage the lock on glass over to semi nearby the door. I still gain a open up door warning top top the dashboard. Luckily ns was may be to acquire my Xmas tree home however am afraid the behind door will open unexpectedly if driving. Any means to resolve this easily and cheaply?

Would need to examine the latch mechanismPossible the latch was already tripped so now it won"t latch properly??
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Check and also see if the "button" on drivers side is difficult back. This switch is pushed in by the glass support on drivers side. If it is stuck ago you"ll have to manually traction it back.If the button isn"t stuck, look in ~ the latch device like visitant said. Make sure it is not in it"s closed position with the door open.

I take it the lower tailgate is the component not latching. After you open up it, try pulling the latch release handle, in instance something closed the latch when the door was open. If the latch was already open, or the door quiet won"t latch, inspect to make certain it will completely close. It can be miscellaneous in the door jamb prevent the door from closing every the way. If you discover nothing, and the door will totally close, however not latch, I would take the automobile to a human body shop because that diagnosis. Readjusting door hinges and latches is a normal part of collision repair, and body shop human being will be professional at it.Yes, the hatch-open indicator will certainly light if one of two people the top or lower tailgate is not fully closed.
Only time I"ve had actually this occur is either due to gunk in the latch, it"s mechanism or the catch area Or once the bolts hold the latch came out on mine Pilot.
2016 CRV Touring AWD. Constantly treat cars v mechanical sympathy and also take care of them properly. Treat people better.
2017 howto todays Volunteers room owners the a car, not expert advisories, we all share what we read and learn end the net however some of united state actually occupational on and also repair. We call ourselves a DIY"er. Ns take no obligation for anyone Actions. Check out one, carry out one Teach one. Old saying Money talks, BS walks, in a nutshell, method that actions are much more important 보다 words
I had the plastic roughly the latch deteriorate and also get jammed in there. Probably not the case yet worth a check with a bright light
I had the plastic roughly the latch deteriorate and also get jammed in there. Probably not the case however worth a check with a bright light
Yeah, that expense cutting plastic have the right to be the culprit. Mine got sticky and when I confirm the latch, tiny pieces of that plastic had damaged off and caused the problem. Ns cleaned the latch out and problem solved.

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Just wanted to add to this, ~ cleaning the end the latch, make sure to lubricate it v the lubricant of your choice.Also, a pair times a year, lubricate every door/hinge latches, hood/hinge latches, and also ANYTHING that opens and closes. Tiny insurance that will store your openings walk for much more years come come.Another thing but one the those crucial parts of ours vehicles that is quickly overlooked is the battery. While your lubricating the latches and also stuff, girlfriend can prolong your battery’s life by simply making sure your battery’s posts, cable ends and also battery holder space thoroughly clean and also then lubricate lock all through a for free spray the WD-40. Do it every 3-4 months.Some have concerns with WD-40 but believe me it will certainly stave off mountain corrosion on her battery posts, cable ends and holder.I know most the you knowledgeable folks below know all this and it’s usual knowledge for every vehicles yet I assumed I would include these points to the less experienced human being that come right here wanting come know just how to store these exorbitant Gen. 1 CRV’s walk a many longer.