Some work you might hop in your Jeep Cherokee, begin it as much as drive then notice a red "CHECK GAUGES" light popular music on to show there is a problem... This can be discouraging, but don"t worry, you can diagnose the issue. Execute what that pesky red light tells you to, and CHECK your GAUGES. You will notice an abnormal reading from one or an ext of her meters ~ above the swarm gauge. In this specific case, on mine 2000 Jeep Cherokee sport 4.0L, "Nomad", the abnormal reading came native the Oil press Gauge.

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When I an initial noticed the indicator light pop on, ns was driving and also noticed that once I concerned a stop, the RPMs dropped like normal, yet so did mine oil pressure, sufficient to trip the indicator light. This is never good, however the Cherokee appeared to it is in driving and responding prefer normal v no strength loss or anything weird. I chose to proceed to drive, as I was very close come my destination (if ns was much more than a couple of miles, I"d speak to a tow truck), so i hit the gas to proceed on my means and watched the oil pressure gauge start to increase again, make the indicator light revolve off. Yet as I maintained an eye on it, i noticed it to be only obtaining up to about 30 PSI, whereas common operating PSI must be roughly 37-58 PSI as soon as driving, and never drop below 13 PSI at idle. At this time I was running 10w30 oil with a Purolator PureONE oil filter. Time to begin diagnosing the problem.

After the town hall the oil push gauge erratically fluctuate in between 0-80psi together I ongoing to mine destination—still without any kind of power-loss, unstable idle, stalling or anything strange, my Cherokee was operating prefer there to be nothing wrong... SWEET??! This have to be basic fix! However, without the "Check Engine" indicator being tripped, not telling the CPU any details details regarding what was happening inside my motor, I"d have to put with each other my very own diagnosis. After part head scratching, it appeared to be acting prefer a faulty sensor, and with this XJ having just end 120K mile on the odometer, instead of the Oil push Sending Unit seemed prefer the logical place to start. This is additionally the the very least expensive and also easiest component to replace that could reason such erratic readings.The following steps in this short article will guide you v the process of remove an old Oil push Sending Unit, and also installing the new one top top a 1997-2001 version Jeep Cherokee XJ through a 4.0L Engine.

1 1/16" Deep well Socket and Wrench OR flexible Channellock WrenchSafety GlassesOil catch Can/HopperOPTIONAL: subject Seal/PTFE Tape

**Whenever functioning with electric sensors, it"s an excellent practice come disconnect the an adverse battery terminal first.

1. Locate the Oil press Sending Unit i beg your pardon is uncovered near the oil filter top top the passenger"s next of the engine block. Follow where the oil filter threads onto the filter adapter elbow, the elbow attached come the engine block will certainly have an additional smaller elbow adapter closer to the side of the block i beg your pardon is wherein the Oil pressure Sending Unit is found. When the sending out unit is located, you"ll view that the electric connector is equipped through a RED security tab that must be slid to the side to unlock the wiring exploit from the sending out unit. Usage caution as soon as sliding the red safety tab together they become brittle over time and also can quickly break. With the security tab unlocked, now use a fingernail come lift up on the smaller staying harness clip that will now allow the wiring to relax from the sending out unit, and also carefully traction the harness far from the sending unit (if you discover that the red tab is positioned in such a means that provides it an overwhelming to release, you can carefully rotate the sending unit contempt while wires space still attached to give you enough room to effectively unlock the red tab). **DO NOT completely ROTATE sending out UNIT with WIRES ATTACHED**

2. Now with the wiring exploit separated from the Oil push Sending Unit, you will be able to totally remove sending unit native it"s port. This is a good time to place your oil capture can underneath her Jeep come catch any kind of oil that may spill out. Making use of your 1 1/16" Deep well Socket and Wrench OR flexible Channellock Wrench, gently revolve the Oil press Sending Unit respond to clockwise until it"s totally out. Keep a rag or document towel comfortable to catch any oil that may drip out, and also don"t let any type of debris fall into the now open hole.

1. Now the you"ve successfully removed the old sending out unit, the installation of the brand-new sending unit is pretty right forward... Just follow the removal procedures in reverse. If you find oily pasty construct up inside the harbor for the sending out unit, use a pipe-cleaner to clean out any kind of gunk before threading in the brand-new sending unit. If your brand-new Oil pressure Sending Unit did not come through some form of subject sealant, use a small amount of object Seal/PTFE Tape come insure you won"t have any leaks. Throughout installation, be certain to reconnect the red safety tab ~ above the wiring harness.

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2. Once your brand-new Oil pressure Sending Unit is properly installed earlier in it"s place and also connected to it"s wiring harness and all is secure and also tight, it"s time come test your work. Remember if you disconnected your an adverse battery terminal, now would be a an excellent time come reconnect that and also start up her engine! Let your XJ idle for a pair minutes until it"s at running temp. While you"re waiting, store an eye on your oil pressure gauge. If your difficulty was a basic faulty sensor that has reached the end of it"s life, you will be able to tell virtually immediately.