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some American silver- Eagles space Worth 100x their Silver Value: this is What come Look because that

by kris Maisano

released on December 4, 2020

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Good news come collectors and also investors of silver and modern-day coinage. There room a variety of American silver Eagles worth thousands an ext than simply their silver- content. Here is what to look for.

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A desire 1994 silver- Eagle graded PCGS MS70. (Images courtesy of legacy Auctions)

American silver- Eagles are several of the most stunningly gorgeous piece of coinage and also bullion that the United states Mint strikes today. The exquisite obverse design was produced by Adolph Alexander Weinman in 1916, originally, because that the go Liberty half Dollar series. It showed up on the obverse that that collection until its end in 1947. This exact same obverse architecture was later used, in reality 70 years after the inception, to be precise, for the American silver Eagle. This repeat intake of design is not uncommon. For example, the contemporary Gold Eagles adopted the St.-Gaudens double Eagle obverse design.

Getting earlier to the American silver- Eagles, castle are gathered and known mostly for your silver content. These beauties are, by far, the best way of investing in silver as no other silver product the end there trades at greater premiums. Also though these silver Eagles are most popular amongst bullion investors, there exists a collector sector for them. With the exemption of the 1995-W Proof over there is no various other rare or low mintage silver- Eagle. All desirability, collectability and value comes solely from certified condition. Like plenty of other modern-day coins, perfectly pristine pieces in multiple sclerosis or PR70 qualities is where you will discover a spike in value of at the very least 100 time the silver- value. Numismatic value only exists in qualities 69 and 70, do 68 or lower exclusively worth its silver- content.

pieces graded 69 space worth just marginally more than their coming before grades and are, therefore, no worth noting. The blemish totally free 70 class perfect gems space the examples you must look the end for. The century mark is vital to note with this coins as dates following 2000 perform not have actually much of any type of numismatic value, even in 70 condition. There room a choice few worth potentially gaining such together the 2001, 2002 and even 2003 v 2006 as they do have some numismatic value. Don’t get me wrong, they room nowhere close to 100 time the worth of your silver content also though they sell at premiums in perfect 70 grades. As of October 2020, silver is trading in ~ $24 every ounce. However, silver Eagles trade at premiums, for this reason I will round up their value to $30 per ounce, which i feel is a realistic and also fair estimate. Therefore, each silver Eagle has a worth of around $30.

The adhering to coins room worth an estimated 100 times the silver content with values of about $3,000 each in perfect MS70 condition. Now, let’s take it a closer watch at this dates.

1990 silver- Eagle: This date is the third rarest in the series in perfect condition with and also other price guide values phibìc of $3,000. For example, the two most recent PCGS graded auction records came in 2019 and 2020, with both pass a solid hammer price that $3,600.

1994 silver- Eagle: This day is the 2nd rarest in the collection in perfect problem with value in overabundance of $6,000 making it precious 200 times its silver content. The lone MS70 item graded by PCGS thus far to ever sell in ~ auction brought the very big sum of over $11,000.

1999 silver- Eagle: This date is the rarest in the collection in perfect problem with value roughly $10,000, making it the just five-figure service strike silver Eagle. The most recent PCGS graded auction record came simply over a year earlier bringing in end $13,000.

this 3 days are the scarcest and also best exemplify the title of this article. However, there room a couple of other dates that I believe are worth mentioning. These five days blow away their silver content worth by slightly less than 100 times in MS70 condition.

They are the 1991, 1993, 1995, 1996 and also 2000. Share piling silver and also gold has become a global phenomenon; and the recent spike in precious steel values, might prove this effort to be worthwhile. Mine purpose here is to present the civilization of silver- hoarders and also investors that these details Silver Eagles are more than simply a depiction of an oz of silver. This topic could not be much more appropriate now more than ever before amid the an international Covid-19 pandemic. The economic climates of a vast number of nations room fragile and uncertain, consisting of our own. The rippling effects have brought about a absence of to trust in jae won institutions and also in document money. Thus, collectors are turning their fist toward gaining gold and also silver, such together these silver Eagles. In mine opinion, across all silver- coinage and bullion, there is no better silver investment than these American Eagles. Particularly the high end pieces emphasize in this article, with their numismatic value which much surpasses your silver value. Overall, investing in gold and silver, is safe. Through that said, risk is natural with any investment.

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The only major risk, in mine opinion, with collecting precious steels is the potential that coming across counterfeits. Today, the most typical counterfeited American silver Eagles come out of China. This fakes room incredibly great replicas make it difficult to tell once something is off. The weight and overall look to this pieces can be almost identical to the real thing. So below are a couple of tips girlfriend will want to store in mind as soon as purchasing silver Eagles. First and foremost, always buy native a trusted source and trust your gut. When you think something isn’t right with the coin or the transaction itself, it more than likely isn’t. Don’t buy it. Next, constantly perform a magnet test. These tests are simple and reliable means to finding fakes. Yet keep in mind, some counterfeits can actually happen magnet tests. So, pay fist to the edge of the coins, as all silver- Eagle edges are going to it is in reeded. One more safeguard is to understand your history and know your coins. Educate her eye and mind come spot details top top the coin to detect inaccuracies and also placement errors. Gain to know the coloring, design, strike and even the oxidation procedure of this coins. Girlfriend must recognize the an easy sizing and also weights of real Silver Eagles, as well.