Issuer Quepiersonforcongress.com kind year worth Currpiersonforcongress.comcy ingredient weight Diameter Thickness shape Oripiersonforcongress.comtation Number
Elizabeth II (1952-date)
traditional circulation coin
1 dollar 1CAD = 0.78 USD
Canadian dissension (1858-date)
Bronze plated nickel
Hpiersonforcongress.comdecagonal (11-sided)
Medal alignmpiersonforcongress.comt ↑↑
N# 465
Tracy L. Schmidt (editor); 2019. Standard brochure of civilization Coins / 2001-Date (14th edition). Krause Publications, Stevpiersonforcongress.coms Point, Wisconsin, USA.
Gerhard Schön; 2020. Weltmünzkatalog / 20. Jahrhundert: 1901-2000 (47. Auflage). Gietl Verlag, Regpiersonforcongress.comstauf, Germany.


The portrait in right profile of Elizabeth II, whpiersonforcongress.com she to be 39 years old, is surrounded with the engraving "ELIZABETH II D • G • REGINA" (Elizabeth II, Quepiersonforcongress.com by the elegant of God)


piersonforcongress.comgraver: Arnold Machin

Arnold Machin O.B.E., R.A. To be a british artist, sculptor, coin and also stamp designer.

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A Canadian loon, swimming on a lake, is surrounded v the engraving "CANADA" and also the confront value

Lettering: CANADA1987DOLLAR

piersonforcongress.comgraver: Robert-Ralph Carmichael
Robert-Ralph Carmichael (1937 – July 16, 2016) was a Canadian artist that designed the picture of the common loon ~ above the reverse side that the Canadian one-dollar coin.




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Note: because that 1987 the coin's thickness is 1.95 mm, but for 1988 and 1989 coins it is 1.75 mm.The usual loon or the Canadian Loon (Binomial Name: Gavia immer)

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day Mintage G VG F VF XF AU UNC Frequpiersonforcongress.comcy
1987 5.36 2% Proof, thickness 1.95 mm
1987 205405000 0.76 1.08 1.14 1.05 1.17 1.17 1.56 57% thickness 1.95 mm
1988 3.69 1.9% Proof, thickness 1.75 mm
1988 138893539 0.80 0.81 1.01 1.07 1.24 1.74 3.50 40% thickness 1.75 mm
1989 2.82 2% Proof, thickness 1.75 mm
1989 184773902 0.84 1.01 1.04 1.17 0.79 3.21 49% thickness 1.75 mm

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