CoinFive clues 1975

The Five Marks coin, abbreviated 5 DM and also known in English as 5 German Marks, to be the biggest circulating denomination that the Deutsche Mark (German mark), which was the official money of West Germany native 1948 till 1990 and also later of combined Germany indigenous 1990 till 2002.

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The coins were at first made the silver however this to be later readjusted to these three-layered coins with CuproNickel external layer and a Nickel core (which provides the coins magnetic), with a new design. There was additionally an extensive collection of commemorative 5 point out coins (listed separately).

The edge inscription was the exact same throughout the history of the denomination: Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit, definition "Unity and also Justice and Freedom" (same together on the 2 DM coins).

5 mark coins approve in 1975 circulated because that 27 years till 28 February 2002, ~ which date they to be no longer welcomed as valid develops of payment in Germany; the country changed to the Euro currency.

MintMint markTotal MintageStuttgart Mint
Letter F75,045,000 (75.0 million)
Hamburg MintLetter J67,415,000 (67.4 million)
Bavarian central Mint - MunichLetter D65,706,000 (65.7 million)
Karlsruhe MintLetter G43,340,000 (43.3 million)

The obverse of the coin depicts, within a beaded circle, the commonwealth Eagle that Germany, being a one top eagle, its head turned to the right (i.e. Dealing with left on the coin), its wings open and with open up feathering.

Below the is the date: 1975.

Below the date, a small letter suggests which mint win the coin.

Mint marks used in this year were:D for Bavarian central Mint - MunichF for Stuttgart MintG for Karlsruhe MintJ because that Hamburg Mint

Obverse Inscription1975

At centre, the character of the value 5 is incuse in ~ a rounded square i beg your pardon is in relief; this resembles a TV screen, therefore the nickname "the TV fiver" because that the coin.

Around above, the legend · BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND ·, meaning Federal Republic that Germany.

Around below, the denomination DEUTSCHE MARK (German Mark).

EdgeInscribed (incuse lettering)Edge Inscription

This to be the first year of concern of this type of coins, which had to replace all the formerly circulating silver- coinage - which explains the reasonably high mintage because that this year.

Mintage made up of (circulation coins + proofs):

Munich (1975 D): 65,663,000 + 43,000Stuttgart (1975 F): 75,002,000 + 43,000Karlsruhe (1975 G): 43,297,000 + 43,000Hamburg (1975 J): 67,372,000 + 43,000

VarietyProof 1975 D (Munich Mint)MintageDetailsVarietyProof 1975 F (Stuttgart Mint)MintageDetailsVarietyProof 1975 G (Karlsruhe Mint)MintageDetailsVarietyProof 1975 J (Hamburg Mint)MintageDetailsVariety1975 F (Stuttgart Mint) No sheet inscriptionMintageDetailsVariety1975 D (Munich Mint) No leaf inscriptionMintageDetailsVariety1975 J (Hamburg Mint) thin planchetMintageDetails
Issued: 43,000 (included in total)

Proof coins ("PP" indigenous "Polierte Platte" in German) in the year"s "D" proof sets native the Munich Mint.

Issued: 43,000 (included in total)

Proof coins ("PP" from "Polierte Platte" in German) in the year"s "F" evidence sets from the Stuttgart Mint.

Issued: 43,000 (included in total)

Proof coins ("PP" indigenous "Polierte Platte" in German) in the year"s "G" proof sets native the Karlsruhe Mint.

Issued: 43,000 (included in total)

Proof coins ("PP" from "Polierte Platte" in German) in the year"s "J" proof sets from the Hamburg Mint.

Issued: unknown (included in total)

Error coins v no leaf inscription.

Issued: unknown (included in total)

Error coins with no leaf inscription.

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Issued: unknown (included in total)

Krause says that some coins to be "illegally developed by a mint official" ~ above a thinner planchet.