A solid 14k yellow replica of the most beneficial gold coin in historyMeticulously reproduced from the initial 1933 Gold dual EagleHandsomely gift in our NumiShield Archival Case
In 1933, through America in the grip of the great Depression, president Franklin D. Roosevelt made... More

In 1933, v America in the grip of the good Depression, president Franklin D. Roosevelt made exclusive ownership of gold illegal. Every Gold dual Eagles minted in 1933 to be to be melted under intoplain yellow bars. As many as 20 coins escaped this fate: 2 were provided to the Smithsonian for exhibit and a handful was secreted away by the Mint"s chef cashier. One by one, the secret Service was able to find — and confiscate — most of the coins.

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One absent coin finished up in the collection of Egypt"s King Farouk, however political considerations kept agents native confiscating it. After Farouk was eliminated from power, the coin disappeared till 1996 as soon as it was seized by federal agents and also stored far in a vault in the civilization Trade Center. In a miraculous twist of fate, the coin was moved from the people Trade center just prior to the terrorist strikes of September 11, 2001.

A year later, the solitary surviving 1933 Gold twin Eagle was marketed at auction because that an astonishing 7.59 million dollars, making that the many expensive yellow coin in history.

American Mint uses a Beautiful 1933 Gold twin Eagle Replica because that SaleWhile you can not have millions ofdollars to invest on the just remaining 1933 Gold dual Eagle coin, American Mint can carry out the next finest thing. We"ve expertly replicated the piece and are giving our version to the public! We"veminted our coin in .585 solid yellow to provide it the very same luster as the original. We"ve also encased that in an attractive NumiShield Archival instance to preserve its beauty and make the even an ext suitable because that displaying in her home, office, or ar of business.

You"ll Marvel in ~ the attention to information Exhibited by our 1933 Gold double Eagle Replica CoinOur professional craftsmen havecreated a meticulously thorough reproduction that the 1933 Gold twin Eagle. You"ll uncover that the coin"s "Liberty" obverse and "Eagle" turning back bear a stunning resemblance to the original. Our proof-quality piece additionally comes through a Certificate of Authenticity that verifies the size and also materials and also contains a range of exciting facts about the item. While our variation isn"t together rare as the first, we"ve limited the minting to only 9,999 finish collections. Acquire yours currently while the supply lasts!

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Limitation: 9,999 finish collections
Weight: 0.5 g
Material (details): .585 gold
Issue year: 2017
Diameter: 40 mm
Obverse: Liberty
Reverse: Eagle
Material: .585 gold
Quality: Proof
Period: after ~ 2016
Country: USA