The 1853 Liberty Head $2.50 yellow Coins were just made in ~ the Philadelphia and Dahlonega (D) mints. The Philadelphia mint produced substantial quantities, almost 1.5 million and Dahlonega less than 4,000. When both Philadelphia and Dahlonega mint 1853 gold coins are scarce, those made in ~ the Dahlonega mint room the scarcer in state of overall availability; these coins to be not conserved in large quantities to start with, most having later been shed or melted.

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Designed through Christian Gobrecht, 1853 Liberty Head $2.50 yellow Coins space numismatic yellow coins that are accumulated by countless who study and also appreciate 19th-century coinage. The coin weighs 4.18 grams and also has a diameter of 18 millimeters, about the dimension of a conventional U.S. Dime. This gold 4 minutes 1 eagle coins save on computer a complete of 0.1202 ounces of gold.

Grading the 1853 Liberty Head $2.50 yellow Coin

Coins that have actually been graded by a professional and also recognized grading company have been put through a rigorous process to determine the coin’s condition, authenticity and also metal content. The procedure involves several in-depth steps to accurately recognize the coin’s physical problem to see exactly how well it has actually stood up to the test of time. While lot of the coin grading procedure is subjective in nature, a coin’s final grade is assigned through a team the coin grading experts who will use all accessible information to do an opinion about a coin’s grade. Girlfriend can carefully examine your coin, check its details consisting of edges, text and also imagery, to gain a great idea that what grade her coin might be assigned.

Use the specifications below to determine just how your Liberty Head $2.50 yellow Coin could be graded.

Uncirculated: A coin in uncirculated problem will be close come perfect condition. This means that the coin’s details, together as pictures or text, will show up crisp and clean as if they were simply struck. The coin’s edges will have the suitable texture and also the coin will display no signs of handling or abuse. Numerous coins in this condition will retain their initial shine and luster, while some may have very slight discoloration as result of aging. You have the right to use a magnifying glass to visually inspect all of your coins details.

Extremely Fine: A coin in extremely fine problem is just one notch ~ above the grading scale listed below uncirculated, and also will also look as if new. ~ above close inspection, these coins may have an extremely miniscule blemishes or imperfections on the details or edge. In addition, the coin’s complete may be ever-so-slightly discolored. Nevertheless, coins offered a great of very fine room in top physical condition and remain visually appeal to collectors and investors.

Fine: further down the grading ladder, a coin in fine condition may present age-related damages or basic wear and tear. The coin’s surfaces might be slightly eroded native being handled over the years, and also the coin’s finish may appear dull. The coin might feel slightly various to the touch because of erosion over time.

Good: Coins that room assigned a great of great often have far-ranging physical imperfections. The coin’s details-especially the finer ones-may it is in worn under or even absent. Sometimes, a coin in this condition may no be easily figured out without the usage of a magnifying glass or various other visual aid. Also though coins in great condition might not it is in in the finest shape, they may still have significant market value depending on year, type, relative scarcity and also other factors.

Pricing the 1883 Liberty Head $2.50 gold Coin

When it concerns trying to recognize a price because that the 1853 Liberty Head $2.50 yellow Coin, or any kind of other coins for that matter, the an initial thing you should look in ~ is the condition of the coin. Condition way everything come collectors so the only follows that those well-preserved pieces will sell for the greatest prices. Secondly, because there to be multiple varieties of coins produced annually, the exact form of coin also plays into just how much the asking price will be. Below is a graph aimed at providing you a far better idea the what you deserve to expect come pay for a 1853 Liberty Head $2.50 yellow Coin given its grade and type.

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Liberty Head $2.5 gold Coin

1853 Liberty Head $2.5 yellow CoinN/AN/A$365$375
1853 Liberty Head $2.5 yellow Coin (D)N/AN/A$3,250$4,750
Source: Red Book

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