Oct. 3, 1942: Abbott and Costello exterior the Hollywood Canteen in ~ the opening ceremony, in a time photo.

Cahuenga Boulevard southern of Sunset Boulevard, former location of the Hollywood Canteen, via Google Street View.

One of the vital locations in the Georgette Bauerdorf death is the Hollywood Canteen, a club for enlisted guys at 1451 N. Cahuenga Blvd., where she volunteered as a hostess. When Bauerdorf to be killed, investigators initially focused on a “dark, husky soldier” that insisted ~ above jitterbugging with her “against she wishes,” according to The Times. (More about that later).

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At the time of her fatality in 1944, Bauerdorf to be one of about 100 hostesses at the canteen, i m sorry served around 3 million servicemen during people War II and also immediate postwar era.

Servicemen heat up to obtain into the Hollywood Canteen in one undated snapshot.

A little of research mirrors that there were actually 2 Hollywood canteens. The very first was activate by the U.S.O. And got underway January 1942, at Hollywood and also Cahuenga boulevards.

The more familiar Hollywood Canteen, headed by Bette Davis and staffed through members of the Hollywood guilds, opened up Oct. 3, 1942, at Cahuenga and Sunset boulevards in what had been a nightclub recognized as the Barn. In a ahead incarnation, the club had been the gay White way (1938).

The gay White Way, 1938.

The canteen readily available meals and shows by famous bands the the day such as Kay Kyser’s orchestra and also entertainers such together Bob Hope and also Jack Benny. The canteen detailed a possibility for servicemen to rub shoulders through Hollywood stars prefer Marlene Dietrich and Deanna Durbin, and an opportunity to chat or dance v hostesses such together Bauerdorf.

And jitterbugging at the canteen might apparently it is in dangerous. In 1944, junior hostess Florida Edwards sue the canteen because that $17,250, alleging the she injured her spine in a autumn after being tossed by a “jiving Marine.”


Actress Lorraine Krueger’s Hollywood Canteen identifier card.

What’s crucial for our functions is the every employee was photographed and also fingerprinted.

Georgette Bauerdorf’s Hollywood Canteen i would card, published by the Los Angeles Mirror, might 16, 1949.

Bauerdorf was fingerprinted, photographed and also given a laminated id card. And despite the claims in “Severed” that Elizabeth Short likewise volunteered in ~ the Hollywood Canteen, no photo, fingerprints or ID card was ever produced.

And recall that the canteen to be for servicemen – no officers allowed, in spite of the insurance claims in “Severed” the Elizabeth quick met Matt Gordon there. In enhancement to every the various other impossibilities (Elizabeth brief arrived in Los Angeles in mid-1946, the canteen closed in 1945) together an officer, Matt Gordon would not have been admitted. This is why ns say “Severed” is 25% mistakes and also 50% fiction.

A little much more than a year ~ Bauerdof was killed, the canteen closed Nov. 22, 1945. Bother Fitzgerald, who controlled the canteen’s phase performances, said of its closing: “We have had some an excellent performers here, but we have had actually some greater sailor, soldiers and Marines. They showed it — and now the the battle is over and the boys and also girls are coming residence the purpose of the canteen has been fulfilled and we space closing ours doors.”

After world War II, the Hollywood Canteen to be the Hollywood Auditorium (1949) and also Le grand Comedy theater (1959).

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Le cool Comedy Theatre, 1959.


The Hollywood Canteen was demolished in December 1966, as displayed in this time photo.