Cocoa coast Pier

It’s an adventure 800 ft. Over the ocean!This historic landmark top top the space Coast was established in 1962. Home to 5 restaurants, 4 bars, gift shops, totally free live music entertainment and an 800 foot long fishing pier for this reason YOU can land the big one! The pier additionally offers beach rentals, new water showers, regulation coast volleyball courts, lifeguards year round and some that the finest surfing ~ above the eastern coast! annual events incorporate beach concerts and also surf festivals transparent the year!


Atlantic s Grille

Marlins an excellent Times Bar and also Grill

Oh Shucks Seafood Bar

Mai Tiki Bar

The Boardwalk



I Dream of Jeannie

The TV sit-com i Dream of Jeannie was collection in Cocoa Beach, FL due to the fact that astronaut Captain Tony Nelson live there (on 1020 Palm Drive, Cocoa Beach, FL) and also worked a Cape Kennedy (later known as the Kennedy space Center). There is a commemorative sign and also a street named "I Dream that Jeannie Lane" at Lori Wilson Park off of A1A in Cocoa Beach. These are the just real landmarks present due to the fact that there is no actual Palm journey in Cocoa Beach and the majority of the filming was actually done in Hollywood, CA. The cast and also crew only made a couple of visits to the area and also visited Cape Kennedy for a launch and also cameo events in the area.

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Jetty Park is ~ above the south point at the enntrance gate to the harbor from the ocean. It uses beach access, a campground, rental cabins, a pier ~ above the south jetty come fish, watch the cruise ships, fishing watercrafts & submarines arrive and also depart and probably one of the finest vantage point out to clock a rocket beginning from.


There are numerous beautiful beaches just south of harbor Canaveral. Phibìc of harbor Canaveral is the Cape Canaveral Air force Station and the Kennedy an are Center. There are several good options that space either family members friendly or "where the party is at!!" many of the areas in north Cocoa Beach call for you to salary to park (at the Cocoa beach Pier, Shepard Park near Ron Jon"s and the beach accessibility on the finish of each street (metered)) yet there space a couple of good alternatives that don"t. The coast accesses come the south of Minuteman Causeway (by Coconuts) room typically cost-free to park although an are is limited. The best free option is Lori Wilson Park.

Family Friendly

Lori Wilson Park has two huge parking lots (north and south), a playground, restrooms, volleyball area, dog park, boardwalk, maritime hammock and nature trail. Over there is a grassy picnic area and pavilions v grills. The coast is well retained with well sand, year about lifeguards and also a gentle slope right into the ocean. Park is open up sunrise till dusk.

Lori Wilson Park

1500 N. Atlantic Ave

CocoaBeach, FL 32931

(321) 455-1380

Where the party is at!!!

Coconuts on the Beach

Come gain the amazing oceanfront party deck where you have the right to gaze in ~ the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, reap your favorite drinks and order few of our very delicious cuisine. Coconuts on the Beachis the area’s #1 place to party on the beach, fulfill people and be entertained through the area’s finest live performers. Visit united state for a sandal-wearing, stress-free setting where you can relax and have a great time!

Cocoa Villageis among the space Coast’s most renowned destinations. Walk along the historic, tree-lined streets, shop and also enjoy the relaxing environment of a nostalgic riverside community. Dine at one of the gourmet restaurants prior to you catch a present at the historical Playhouse, or visit the Florida Historical culture to discover out some an ext about Florida times past. Have a unique night out through friends and also enjoy casual dining – Italian, pizza, sushi, tapas or seafood – and also take in the live music at among the buzzing night spots. Invest the work shopping in few of our exquisite, specialty stores, or simply relax and enjoy a walk follow me our beautiful riverside boardwalk; take it a sunset Paddle-Boat cruise along the Indian river or autumn a fishing line in or a be sure afternoon. Cocoa town offers a fun and enjoyable experience to civilization of all ages. The youngsters deserve to grab an ice cream cone and play in the fountain at Riverside Park. Adults deserve to enjoy one drink from one of the cafes or bars while shopping at big selection of distinctive shops.

Established as the “Aladdin” theatre, the doors opened to the general public on august 18th, 1924, showing silent movies. An audience basic of 4,000 season patrons assistance the Playhouse every year and performances are well-known to sell out come the public prior to the operation of each manufacturing is finished. End 55,000 audience viewers participate each year. The Playhouse opened its 23rd season on Sept. 28, 2012 with a recently renovated auditorium, increased orchestra pit and enlarged balcony.

Merritt Island national Wildlife Refuge was established in 1963 together an overlay that NASA’s john F. Kennedy an are Center. Consisting of 140,000 acres, the Refuge provides a wide variety of habitats: coastal dunes, saltwater estuaries and marshes, freshwater impoundments, scrub, pine tree flatwoods, and also hardwood hammocks administer habitat for an ext than 1,500 species of plants and animals.

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Many recreational methods are offered at the Refuge. Bird and wildlife observation, a wildlife drive, manatee observation deck, fishing and hunting opportunities, and boating and also paddling are examples of available activities. The visitant Information facility is currently open seven days a mainly 9 am to 4 pm. The Visitor center is close up door on commonwealth holidays. Black point Wildlife Drive and all other public areas are open from sunrise to sunset daily. Merritt Island nationwide Wildlife Refuge has an enntrance gate fee for Black allude Wildlife Drive. Tourists will have actually the option to acquisition a $5/vehicle day-to-day Pass at any kind of of these areas from a self-serve kiosk or native the Refuge visitant Center.